Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 03/20/2019

 Bait: live shrimp or jigs

Water temp: 62 degrees

Water depth: 2-8ft

What's biting: red fish , trout , sheepshead  

   Good morning from Drop Down Sport Fish Charters here in the oldest city St. Augustine Florida. It’s been pretty breezy this week for the most part, but that hasn’t stopped Drop Down Sport Fish Charters. We’ve had a couple inshore fishing trips this week with decent results. A few slot size red fish to keep, a bunch of smaller rat reds, along with keeper size sea trout and flounder. I’ve been catching these fish all over the icw but more bites on the shoreline with some current. As for deepsea and offshore fishing out of St. Augustine Florida , the water is still green and cold, But that’s all about to change. There where lots of sailfish caught last week so the offshore pelagics should be any day the first wave of mahi and tuna Fish will be coming threw. Focus on the water temperature change and fish there, there should be plenty of action. If not then find any changes in the ocean from water temp, to water color, to structure such as weed lines or debris. A floating log or pallet is almost guaranteed Mahi mahi. If your looking for a inshore Or Offshore Fishing Charter call Drop Down Sport Fish Charters for premier charters in st. Augustine Florida. 


Nice redfish caught inshore fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters st. Augustine Florida  

Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 12/25/2017

 Bait: Ballyhoo 

Water temp: 65 degrees

Water depth: 150-500

What's biting: Wahoo and tuna fish

Merry Christmas everyone from Drop Down Sport Fish Charters here in St.Augustine Florida. Hope everyone had a good year in 2017. Offshore fishing charters have been pretty decent, some wahoo have been caught and a few tunafish, but nothing red hot. When I troll for wahoo deepsea, I like the morning’s and look for structure that holds bait. Blue and white lures with ballyhoo are a go to. As far as inshore fishing goes, redfish trout, black drum, and sheep heads are all biting very well. I have been catching a lot of creek fish on pop and cork floats with live shrimp drifting over oyster bars on an incoming tide.  A fiddler crab on a jig head or fishfinder rig has also been producing black drum on the bottom. Till next time hope everybody has a merry Christmas and a happy new year and  thank you for all of my clients that fished with me this year can’t wait to see everyone next year and 2018 .


 Pictured here my son Merrick taking Christmas photos, he almost one year old!  

Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 08/29/2017

Bait: ballyhoon on the deep line 

Water temp: 79 degrees 

Water depth: 150- 600 ft 

What's biting: sail fish, wahoo,  cobia, amberjack, snapper

Well it's October here in St. Augustine Florida and I just want to say on behalf of Drop Down Sport Fish Charters that I'm sorry for not doing any offshore fishing charter reports but Since hurricane Irma i have been rebuilding my house and getting life back together. Now for the Fishing!! I had just had an 8hr bottom trip and it was good. The vermillion snappers we chewing and the red snapper were on fire. A mixed bag of other snapper also- mangos, yellow tail, lanes, muttons. A couple nice amberjack fish and a few fat trigger fish made the box plenty full of meat. Wahoos can be taken this time of year early in the morning. Look for a color change along the gulfstream and always keep an eye out for flyers. Wahoo can also school up offshore so if you catch one circle back around for a couple more passes. My favorite rig trolling is a horse ballyhoo on the planner rod. If you want go catch some quality offshore fish this month, October can be as good as any. Give us a call here in the nations oldest city St. Augustine Florida and let's go fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters. 


Moose red snapper on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters st Augustine Florida  

Drop Down Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 06/28/2017

Bait: live bait and spoons

Water temp: 78

Water depth: 65ft-100ft

What's biting: cobia, kingfish, amberjack and snapper 

Feeling the summer time grind here in St.Augustine Florida charter fishing offshore the last couple weeks! Deep sea trips have been producing a good variety of fish with mackerel bites in the mornings and bottom fishing in the afternoon. Been catching bait on the beach in about 15-25ft of water, one throw and go! Mackerel are in the places I've mentioned before and amberjack jacks have been biting on only live bait because of the thermocline that's luking around still. Snapper are biting but not nearly as hard. Hopefully the water will move around some and get that cold water outta here in the next weather blow. Till then - Come book your trip on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters and let's go fishing! 



Chelsea and family put the smack down on their 6hr trip on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters in st. Augustine Florida offshore fishing  

Drop Down Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine - 6/12/2017

Bait: live sardines and cut bait

Water temp: 77 degrees

Water depth: 100-140 ft

What's biting: mahi, mangrove snapper, cobia, amberjack 

Drop Down Sport Fish Charters in St.Augustine Florida takes pride in catching the most fish on our Charters every single trip! The offshore bite has been very productive with fish chewing from all angles. Bottom fishing for mangrove snapper will be the game plan for the next couple of months along w all the other usual suspects. Cobia are still swimming around and the amberjack are wide open. The troll bite inshore of 65ft is still good action with king fish and Spanish mackerel. Pick a day this summer and get the family together and let's go fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters saint Augustine Florida!