Anniversary Cruise Charter - St. Augustine Florida

At times it can be tough choosing the best idea for upcoming anniversaries. You have already taken your spouse out to dinner multiple times, and you'd like to spice it up some. From the responses we've heard from past couples, taking the boat out for the evening is a GREAT choice! Taking a ride through the river in St. Augustine Florida for your anniversary is absolutely a great idea if you have not experienced it yet. It is something unique that stands out from others.

In recent years you have started to realize that your anniversary has become more and more scripted. Why not commemorate this day with a gift that is unique and special as the one you love. Allow us to whisk you and your spouse away on the romantic voyage of a lifetime. Booking a nice evening out in the water with Drop Down Charters will help you re-live those special moments alone under the stars and rekindle those feelings that have begun to lie dormant because you have gotten caught up and distracted with the pressures of life.

Don’t be bored on your special day....
Make this anniversary memorable in every way.

Our staff will be in tune with your needs and meticulously cater to your every desire to help you relight the fire and bring back the romance and desire.

We are famous throughout Florida and especially in the St. Augustine area for chartering excursions for couples or groups to celebrate their anniversaries. We have a great spot on the charter that is spacious and allows for great leg room to relax, drink wine, have a bite, and glare into the stars. It's truly a remarkable way to surprise your loved one to go out in the water!

Contact us today at 904-501-8572 to give a glow to your golden moment and to create a sparkle with your special spouse.