Inshore Fishing Charter - St. Augustine Florida

When you don't want to go off shore fishing, but are still looking to get out away from the shore some, inshore fishing sets the hook.  Inshore fishing takes place up to a few miles off shore (in thirty meters deep of water). The water will be more calm during this trip out. When you are ready for a more relaxing time with your friends of family, this is the choice! 

Bringing kids? Inshore fishing is perfect. On this trip, the rods are lighter and the nets are smaller, but they both still work great for catching a large range of different fish. Inshore fishing in St. Augustine brings a more enjoyable and relaxing time for the whole crew. The ride will be not as intense, and the fish won't be as large as off shore fishing, but the excitement levels can still be just as high!

During your inshore fishing trip we will be going after:  Redfish, Flounder, Sea Trout, Speckled Trout, Jacks, and Bluefish.

Call us at Drop Down Charters when you're ready for your inshore fishing trip in St. Augustine. Your day out will be enjoyable with your friends, and our goal is to catch as many fish as possible! The best time to fish, especially in shore is directly after a slack low tide, or high tide with current moving going along. Any questions you may have concerning the time of day, type of fish to go after for the day, and anything else will be answered by Captain Alex during your phone call!

In shore fishing is more consistent year round especially with the slight climate changes we have here in Florida. Less equipment is needed and we usually aim for trout, snapper, tarpons, tune, snook, and bass. Let's catch a large quantity of fish together and snap  photos to show them off!

Call Captain Alex now to book your charter: 904-501-8572.

Inshore Fishing Excursion Pricing:

4 Hour: $425


In Shore Fishing for Red Fish, Flounder, and Trout - Tips and Tricks

Determine the bait you will be using:  soft bait, hard bait, live bait. Each of them have there perks, examples are below. You will also want to know exactly which type of fish you would like to catch. Knowing the fish you're going after helps considerably, because when you have: The Right Spot, The Right Bait, and The Right Reeling Technique, they all help give you "the edge" on getting what you want. No worries.... During your fishing trip Captain Alex will help you every step of the way. You will be CATCHING while you're LEARNING!  (this has always been fun for the kids, while they have a great fishing experience and leave learning something new.)

Soft Baits - Many soft baits you can get scented which can really help attract. They are great to use on jig heads, for the mobility of flipper under or around around objects, or under a floating device to ensure your bait is in the specific area you're aiming for.

Hard Plugs - Fishing with hard plugs during a rising tide is absolutely the best time. You don't want to get hung up with these (it happens very easly all the time otherwise). One of the best ways of fishing with hard baits is casting it near a drop off with a heavy current stream. While keeping a tight line, let it drift while giving a couple of twitches (jerks). The whole strategy of this method is to make your lure look like it's stuck in a current and fighting to get out. While retrieving the line, be sure to reel it in at a slow steady pace. Red Fish and trouts like speckled trout / sea trout absolutely love going after this bait! They will usually sit where there's depth in the water, near where the current begins.

Live Baits - We recommend you using shrimp for speckled and sea trout, and live minnows for red fish and flounders. Using this live bait for red fish, you need to be sure you use the right spot where they are sitting, and the right technique or reeling it in. The same goes for flounder. Flounder is a little different, as they can be found in open waters, but there is still a special technique of reeling in and jerking that works very proficiently. During your in shore fishing trip with Captain Alex. he will be there for you to help with spotting the "right spot" and showing you the "right techniques of setting the bait, casting, and reeling in".

In Shore Fishing with Hard Baits - Tips and Tricks

There are many ways to fish In Shore, and using hard baits is one of them. Here, we will share some useful tips that have worked for us, and something you may want to consider next time that you go out in shore fishing.

·        After seeking a new area and finding the depth of where the fish are located, you will want to choose the right bait you will be using. The fish will either be located along the surface, mid water column, or even on the bottom. Either way you go, you will catch fish. It all boils down to finding where the fish are, knowing what fish you are going for, and then determining what bait will be best for that area given the depth and time of day. Captain Alex can help you along the way with helping you choose the very best bait given any scenario.

·        The Top Water Plug is one of our favorites during the early morning because the sun has not been beating down for long yet.... making the water still cool.  Not only that, you will also have the extra benefit of the fish being more active during these hours. It's really a win-win. 

·        If you're aiming for a fish among a certain depth, and you are just not getting any bites, a simple tweak may be the answer to the problem. Try using the same bait, but next time change your retrieval rate with a simple twitch, or a couple twitches with a second break in between.