Sightseeing Boat Tour - St. Augustine FL

St. Augustine is full of beautiful places around the water. Do you think you have seen all there is to see here? You need to take one of our sightseeing tours.

Think outside the box and experience something new. The wide open sea offers many hidden treasures that can’t be left to land lovers. The sea offers sights that can only be appreciated at night. The starry sky and the sparkling skyline of the city can’t be fully appreciated until you have witnessed them from our deck. We strive for excellence and we don’t stop until you are satisfied that you have lived through something unique.

Grab your friends and see what all the oldest city has to offer form a different perspective. Families come board the boat and build bonds that can’t be broken by making memories that will last a lifetime.

We are the premiere choice for sightseeing tours in the St. Augustine, Florida area because we treat our clients like family when out on the boat. Our first class accommodations allow you to partake in in the peaceful and placid panoramic views of our region. Discover a world that you didn’t know existed just beyond the shores. If you are visiting St. Augustine for the very first time as a tourist, a sightseeing charter is the perfect trip for you and your friends to go on! Take a cruise around St. Augustine's downtown area, look around at the fort, historic buildings and the Bridge of Lions during the day or even during the night! We have got you covered. During this sightseeing tour, you can have some of your favorite beverages, sharing moments with your favorite people.

 A sightseeing boat tour in the nations oldest city is very underrated. Not many talk about it. Be one of the few that get to experience St. Augustine from another perspective. Bring your camera and take pictures and selfies out on the boat! Captain Alex is eager to execute the perfect sightseeing boat tour in St. Augustine for you. Grab your camera's, and enjoy a cruise around the local waters, around downtown, or wherever you request.

Dare to be different and set sail with us on an unexpected adventure that will leave you with a lasting impression.