Drop Down Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine - 06/03/2017

Bait: pogies 

Water temp: 77 degrees

Water depth: 45-65 ft

What's biting: Kingfish or king mackerel and cobia

Don't miss out on your half day trip on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters when your visiting St.Augustine Florida, the oldest city. The kingfish have been chewing and were catching our limits daily. The key as always is to find the bait and get some turbo livies! I have been fishing the same fishing grounds lately and with other pelagics like sailfish cobia and even the occasional mahi mahi swimming around. I like to always have a  designated jig rod ready for free swimmers that come up to the boat because you have to ready in seconds or the fish will lose interest. Preparation is everything in fishing and life. Be prepared and you will have constant better results on your total Fish count at the end of the day. 


Pictured here is Lavon at age 74 and family here on vacation from Kentucky to do there first ever offshore trip on #dropdowncharters #staugustine #florida

Drop Down Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine - 05/29/2017

Bait: sardines 

 Water temp: 77 degrees 

Water depth: 80-100ft

What's biting: Vermillion snapper and amberjacks 

Well it's official, Summer is here and are the fish are biting! Offshore fishing in st Augustine Florida has been on fire this last week. Limit of king mackerel have been common on most half day fishing trips along with other pelagics swimming around on the troll. Bottom Fishing has been very productive with a lot of mixed species. Sardines are my bait of choice as always and maybe drop down a whole vermillion snapper to find the big dog! Come book your trip on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters today!


First time clients John and crew were so pumped to go on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters they made their own fishing shirts for the day.