Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 04/2/2019

 Bait: live bait or jigs

Water temp: 66 degrees

Water depth: 35-80ft

What's biting: vermillion Snapper , Cobia 


 Good morning here from Drop Down Sport Fish Charters in the oldest city St. Augustine Florida. The weather is warming up and the fishing is to, inshore fishing and offshore fishing. The bite on the inshore Charters have been steady, with double digits on redfish and a few keeper trout and flounder. The flounder bite has been steadily increasing to me and should peak in the next few weeks. As for offshore fishing the water is still kinda green and cold but it seems to be cleaning up on each trip I’ve been on. The bottom fishing has been decent and I’ve caught a few Cobia on the jigs while double rig fishing for snapper. I’ve fished the wreckes from 65ft out to 85ft. The gulfstream troll bite was hot for a couple weeks and now has slowed down a lil bit but it should be any day we get the first wave of Mahi Mahi coming threw. April and May are the months to get the pelagics so take advantage and give us a call to get your turn on some Mahi Mahi, tuna fish, wahoo, sailfish and even marlin. Let’s go fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters!!



Big Cobia on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters in St. Augustine Florida  

Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 05/01/2018

Spring is here and so are the fish!

We have finally had a few days of sunshine and no rain which makes for perfect fishing weather. Off shore has picked up and this weekend looks promising. This previous off shore trip we caught multiple Sea Bass, some Beeliners and as always Red Snapper. This trip was not only a great day of fishing but a surprise of a life time. As we were fishing and could see in the clear ocean water, there were  multiple Red Snapper beneath us when suddenly we notice they start to scatter and sure enough there was a reason! Coming around the boat was a massive 16ft Great White Shark! I’ve been fishing these water ways for 10 plus years now and this is my first encounter with such a massive creature. He swam right around the boat for a few minutes and carried on his way. It was incredible. I caught a video of it, that a few days later ended up on two local news station (I will add the link below) who showed my clip and mentioned  “Drop Down Sport Fish Charters” which was pretty awesome. Out of all the years I’ve been fishing and going off shore, I never get bored, it’s impossible when there’s always more to see, more to experience and more to learn. The Great White we saw was not tagged but there are MANY out there who are which you can actually follow the tracking and certain sharks ( who each have a name) on the OCEARCH website. There you can see where each shark has traveled and when. It pretty amazing. Although this isn’t the same shark, one traveled in the same area last month. He was a 12.5 ft Great White named Hilton. He just recently pinged in the Gulf Of Mexico this week!

It’s never a dull moment on the Drop down, book your Spring/Summer trip’s with us for a charter of a life time. We do 4HR, 6HR, 8HR as well as Gulf Stream trip’s which the Mahi are running so now is the time to book your Gulf Stream Mahi trips!

Have a great rest of your weekend.


Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 02/11/2018

 Bait: ballyhoo w a sea witch 

Water temp: 53 degrees

Water depth: 160 -500ft

What's biting: wahoo

  Book your trip now on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters!!! The wahoo are here off st. Augustine Florida and the Drop Down just got brand new canvas glass enclosure along with brand new cushions with memory foam to ensure maximum comfort on long ride offshore fishing excursions. Just put new fishing line on every pole and were ready for the season! Let’s go fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters! 


the Drop Down carolina custom

Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 12/07/2017

 Bait: buck tail jigs

Water temp: 67 degrees 

Water depth: 65-100ft

What's biting: cobia, red snapper , vermilion snapper, Black Sea bass 

Happy holidays from Drop Down Sport Fish Charters here in the oldest city St.Augustine Florida. Fishing offshore in December is one of my favorite months to catch some fat cobias. The brown clown will shop up this month on all the wrecks and large rock piles. Usually they will be hungry ready to eat but the 50lber might require a lil more game. Heavy spin tackle is fished most, 30-50lb line with 60lb fluorocarbon leader does the job. Have multiple rods ready because free swimmers are not uncommon. Just remember when measuring cobia it’s 33” at the fork of the tail, not the total length. Other deepsea fishing this month would include red snapper fishing since noaa opened another weekend December 8-11th. Let’s go fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters! Call for reservations!!! 



fish slayer Reese with a nice cobia on Drop Down Charters  

Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 11/24/17

 Bait: Cut sardine chunks

Water temp: 73

Water depth: 100ft

What's biting: cobia, red snapper , vermillions

 Well it looks like we are going to get another chance for a Red Snapper season in December. Call and book your Sport Fishing charter with us on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters located here in st.augustine, Florida. We can hook you up on a deep sea fishing charter of a lifetime so don’t miss your shot to go offshore fishing and catch the elusive red snapper. Also this time of year the cobia should start swimming around the wrecks in 80 to 100ft.  I like white jigs 1 to 3oz and live bait is always a plus. Free line one behind the boat in the chum line and get ready for some fish. Hope everyone has a good thanksgiving weekend and let’s go fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters!!! 


Caught these limit of red snapper offshore and back to the dock before 930am. Happy clients on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters