Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 05/01/2018

Spring is here and so are the fish!

We have finally had a few days of sunshine and no rain which makes for perfect fishing weather. Off shore has picked up and this weekend looks promising. This previous off shore trip we caught multiple Sea Bass, some Beeliners and as always Red Snapper. This trip was not only a great day of fishing but a surprise of a life time. As we were fishing and could see in the clear ocean water, there were  multiple Red Snapper beneath us when suddenly we notice they start to scatter and sure enough there was a reason! Coming around the boat was a massive 16ft Great White Shark! I’ve been fishing these water ways for 10 plus years now and this is my first encounter with such a massive creature. He swam right around the boat for a few minutes and carried on his way. It was incredible. I caught a video of it, that a few days later ended up on two local news station (I will add the link below) who showed my clip and mentioned  “Drop Down Sport Fish Charters” which was pretty awesome. Out of all the years I’ve been fishing and going off shore, I never get bored, it’s impossible when there’s always more to see, more to experience and more to learn. The Great White we saw was not tagged but there are MANY out there who are which you can actually follow the tracking and certain sharks ( who each have a name) on the OCEARCH website. There you can see where each shark has traveled and when. It pretty amazing. Although this isn’t the same shark, one traveled in the same area last month. He was a 12.5 ft Great White named Hilton. He just recently pinged in the Gulf Of Mexico this week!

It’s never a dull moment on the Drop down, book your Spring/Summer trip’s with us for a charter of a life time. We do 4HR, 6HR, 8HR as well as Gulf Stream trip’s which the Mahi are running so now is the time to book your Gulf Stream Mahi trips!

Have a great rest of your weekend.