Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 01/13/2019

 Bait: sardines and grunt fish

Water temp: 63 degrees

Water depth: 100 ft

What's biting: Cobia, jack fish, vermilion snapper, red snapper 

  Its a new year and where already having some good fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters located in the beautiful historic town St. Augustine Florida. Grab some jigs and get offshore, the Cobia have been swimming around off shore the east coast of St. Augustine, Florida. The weather has been tricky, scary and dense fog with visibility of 50ft. Once out to the fishing grounds the bottom bite has been pretty wide open, vermilion Snapper and giant red snapper on every drop. When targeting Cobia I like to pull the anchor and drift fish. Bounceing around to different spots covering ground and depth of water. Jigging with a nice size spinning reel and 20-40lb class rod with jigs is a productive way to fish for Cobia. St. Augustine Florida has been a go to inlet for decades to fish offshore and hunt for the elusive salt water catfish. Always have a live bait somewhere on the boat just in case the fish are finicky, you have another option. If trolling is more your take, then wahoo fishing may be for you. The biggest wahoo of the year are caught in the winter offshore months off the coast of north east Florida. Up to 100lb fish have been caught and 50-70lb is common. High speeding seems to work pretty well for getting the bigger bite too. The new year is here, where taking reservations and dates are filling up fast so make your plans and let’s go fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters in the oldest city St. Augustine Florida!!


Larry with a nice 6hr Trip Offshore fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters St. Augustine Florida  

Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 07/15/2018

 Bait: sardines 

Water temp: 83 degrees

Water depth: 100-135 ft

What's biting: African pompano, vermillion snapper, mangrove snapper, Cobia, trigger fish

  Summer fishing has hit full force here in St. Augustine Florida! People are coming from all over to experience our amazing native town along with our beautiful waters. The Mahi bite is mostly gone but now you can expect to see tons of King Mackerel, Barracuda, Mangrove,Mutton and Vermilion Snapper, Bonito,Cobia, Black Fin Tuna and Trigger fish up on the fish board here on Drop Down Charters. We have been heading off shore nearly every morning these last couple of months, now is the time to book a charter for you and your family as spots are filling daily. We offer 4,6,8 and for our avid anglers 12 hour Gulf-stream trips. I’ve been asked a lot about the next Snapper season and as I wish i knew when it will be, unfortunately the Snapper season is still up in the air, the FWC have not made an official date but as soon as they do I’ll be posting it on the site and blog for anyone interested in a Red Snapper trip! ( which will also book FAST) Along with our website we post daily pictures and videos on our Instagram page “Drop_down_charters” as well as our Facebook page “Drop Down sport fish charters” head on over to either site for daily post and updates on the bite! 




Nick and jack with a nice catch on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters in staugustine Florida 

Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 05/21/2018

Bait: ballyhoo 

Water temp: 80 degrees

Water depth: 150-600ft

What's biting: Mahi, tuna fish, wahoo, sailfish, marlin 

   Let’s go fishing!!!   The fish are here !!! Call us here at Drop Down Sport Fish Charters in the famous vacation destination st. Augustine Florida and let us take you on a fishing trip of a lifetime. The troll bite is hot and the Mahi mahi are chewing. Along with all the spring pelagics like tuna fish, sailfish, wahoo, and even blue marlin. We have had number of stream trips the past few weeks and most of them have been pretty good with double digits. I have been getting most of the bites in 150-500 ft of water on the ledge. Look for the color change or water temp change and that’s where I like to start. Weed lines are always a plus but not  guaranteed so look so any signs of life. When trolling I’ve been getting a lot of tuna bites on naked ballyhoo and blue and white lures. We had two sailfish bites on a dark blue sea witchs and two marlin bites also on the same rig. The bottom fishing right now is pretty decent, vermilion snapper and of course red snapper! We caught one red snapper over 25lbs. Occasionally a keeper triggerfish now that the water is getting warmer. If your coming to st.augustine Florida and want to catch some really nice pelagics now is the time. Let’s book a trip and go fishing with Drop Down Sport Fish Charters St. Augustine Florida’s premier fishing charter. 904.501.8572


Dad and I with some nice meat for the board on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters 

Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 05/01/2018

Spring is here and so are the fish!

We have finally had a few days of sunshine and no rain which makes for perfect fishing weather. Off shore has picked up and this weekend looks promising. This previous off shore trip we caught multiple Sea Bass, some Beeliners and as always Red Snapper. This trip was not only a great day of fishing but a surprise of a life time. As we were fishing and could see in the clear ocean water, there were  multiple Red Snapper beneath us when suddenly we notice they start to scatter and sure enough there was a reason! Coming around the boat was a massive 16ft Great White Shark! I’ve been fishing these water ways for 10 plus years now and this is my first encounter with such a massive creature. He swam right around the boat for a few minutes and carried on his way. It was incredible. I caught a video of it, that a few days later ended up on two local news station (I will add the link below) who showed my clip and mentioned  “Drop Down Sport Fish Charters” which was pretty awesome. Out of all the years I’ve been fishing and going off shore, I never get bored, it’s impossible when there’s always more to see, more to experience and more to learn. The Great White we saw was not tagged but there are MANY out there who are which you can actually follow the tracking and certain sharks ( who each have a name) on the OCEARCH website. There you can see where each shark has traveled and when. It pretty amazing. Although this isn’t the same shark, one traveled in the same area last month. He was a 12.5 ft Great White named Hilton. He just recently pinged in the Gulf Of Mexico this week!

It’s never a dull moment on the Drop down, book your Spring/Summer trip’s with us for a charter of a life time. We do 4HR, 6HR, 8HR as well as Gulf Stream trip’s which the Mahi are running so now is the time to book your Gulf Stream Mahi trips!

Have a great rest of your weekend.


Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 04/23/2018

 Bait: Ballyhoo 

Water temp: 73 degrees

Water depth: 150-280

What's biting: sailfish and Mahi 

   Another Rainy and windy week here in Saint Augustine Florida. Despite the weather the fish have still been biting. In-between days of sunshine and rain we have had some great trips fishing inshore AND offshore. This previous week on one of the four hour trip’s offshore here on the drop-down charter, we caught multiple Trout, Black tip shark

and Red Snapper,unfortunately this beautiful fish is endangered and has to be thrown back when caught but lucky snapper season should open up in the middle of this up coming July. My previous Gulf Stream trip we caught Two Sail fish two Mahi and Three Black Fin Tuna. The Mahi really aren’t here yet but will be running any day now. Mahi and sail fish trips are going to take place in the Gulf Stream where it is 150-280 foot of water. The Gulf Stream trip’s are typically 11-12 hours depending on the sea and is around a two hour ride to get to the fishing grounds. When catching these fighting fish I use ballyhoo and seawitches on 50lb mono.

Recent inshore trips we have been catching redfish the occasional sheeps head and monster trout that are weighing 7-8 lbs. The flounder have yet to arrive but typically start to show in late April. The trout we have been catching have been some of the biggest I’ve ever caught. I’ve been catching them on live shrimp on a poppincork. Make sure to plan your summer vacation fishing trip with us on the drop down charters, summer time is coming up and spots are filling fast. Bring your family on a premier fishing charter with a true born and raised Floridian that will give you a professional and knowledgeable fishing experience!


big sailfish caught on the Drop Down Offshore Charter Fishing st. augustine Florida