Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Fishing Report for St. Augustine Florida - 01/28/2019

 Bait: wahoo wacker , high speed lures

Water temp: 60 degrees

Water depth: 120- 800ft 

What's biting: Big wahoo ,Cobia , vermilion snapper, trigger fish

   Good morning from Drop Down Sport Fish Charters located is the beautiful historic town St.Augustine Florida. This time of year the ocean is usually cold, windy, and choppy for the most part. Northern fronts coming down are weekly, But keep your eye on the weather for a flat day and the rewards could be great. Big Wahoo is most likely on everyone’s mind when fishing January and February. High speed lures are effective deepsea fishing because more than likely when you get a bite at 14-17knts it’s going to be a wahoo. You can also cover alot of ground and allow the anglers to Fish miles of ocean. If the bottom fishing is more your take, Cobia And vermilion snapper are still swimming around. Try and find a water change or temperature change when looking for Cobia. Summer will be here before you know it so make some plans and give us a call and let’s go fishing on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters! 


Fat Cobia on Drop Down Sport Fish Charters Offshore Fishing St. Augustine Florida