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Located in St. Augustine Florida, Drop Down Charters has the reputation of being the #1 choice for sport fishing services. We are considered "St. Augustine's Sport Fishing Charter". Give us a call today to schedule your day out in the water with your friends. We want to give your party the very best time out in St. Augustine's waters. We have plenty of fishing services to choose from - off shore fishing, in shore fishing, near shore fishing, deep sea fishing, and on top of that even some of our very own special services to include dolphin tours, sight seeing, bird watching, and private party. You can easily navigate through our site by using the tabs above and find out more about everything that we do. Also be sure to check out our weekly fishing report to find out what's biting! 
If you have any special inquiries be sure to contact us at 904-501-8572!


The Best Fishing Experience In St. Augustine!

Are you ready for an amazing day out on a fishing charter boat with your friends catching fish, relaxing in the sun, and.. catching more fish? Look no further for the "right catch" for you. Drop Down Charters is ran by Captain Alex, born and raised Saint Augustine resident/fisher. Captain Alex is highly regarded around town as knowing all the right spots to go to for fishing, whether its off shore, in shore, near shore, or even night fishing. No matter what time of day, what tide, or season, you are all set for catching some fish and having an amazing time out on the water! Testimonials and word around town is piling up with the success our customers have had going out in the water with Alex. Drop Down Charters always strives to give the absolute best fishing experience St. Augustine has to offer, because you should get more out of than what you paid for, and we always love keeping our calendar booked through the season.

If you're visiting St. Augustine as a tourist, then you have surely came to the right place for the best fishing charter there is in the oldest city. Be sure to check out our special services! If you would like to go sightseeing around the waters of downtown, have a private boat party, or go bird watching, we offer all of these services! Grab your friends, your favorite beverages, and share an experience of touring St. Augustine that only "some" get to say they got to experience! You're going to have a great day out with Drop Down, and you will most definitely return back!

Drop Down Charters Fishing Services!

No matter what style of fishing you prefer, off shore fishing, in shore fishing, or near shore fishing, Drop Down Charters knows all of the best spots in town. When you're ready to catch fish, give us a call. We always put in all of our effort to ensure your fishing experience in the sea is the best you have ever had. Our aim is to have you taking pictures with wide smiles, showing off the fish you have caught. St. Augustine's surrounding water is our second're in great hands.

One of the favored services is most definitely off shore fishing / deep sea fishing. Your time far out from shore will be an awesome fish catching, sun soaking day - take our vessel out into the deep waters with more bait, tackle, and reels than you possibly need for catching the largest fish in the waters.... even sharks. Our customers leave with pictures of BIG fish, and BIG smiles every time.

If you would rather not go all the way out into the deep waters, and want to stay a little closer near shore, then choosing our near shore fishing service is the right way to go. It sets the mood for a more relaxing / less choppy ride out through the waters of St. Augustine - making it more enjoyable if you have company with you simply looking to kick their feet up and have a comfortable and quiet day out in the waters. During your near shore fishing time with us, we will be going after: Tarpon, Sharks, Jacks, Cobia, and Bull Red Fish.

The most relaxing choice for your day out fishing in the salt water is in shore fishing. Ride slower, get more comfortable, cast out and still catch big fish with friends and family. Our in shore fishing service is a favorite for first timers out in the boat that don't want to go the full experience of off shore fishing just yet. Cast out with your kids and give them the best in shore fishing experience by sinking their lines in all the "best spots" in the area with Drop Down Charters! In shore fishing is great for kids. And definitely great for first timers going out in the water who may want to "get their toes wet" before going off shore fishing. When we stay in shore, we go after: Red fish, Flounders, Jacks, and Sea Trout.

Here are the rods and reels we will be using during the trip:  

Penn Reels, Shimano, Star Rods, Yeti Coolers, Bertram Boats, Ande Line, and Rapala Lures.

Our Special Services!

What makes us unique is not only do we offer fishing services but we also offer boat trips out for parties such as a birthday party, private party, and even bachelor / bachelorette parties. If you would like to see St. Augustine from the water, you can take us up on our boat charter sightseeing service. These trips are usually around the same routes that also include the perfect idea for a future anniversary date. Dolphin tours seem to always be a favorite for tourists, it's just a blast!! St. Augustine attracts all types of birds, making it great for bird watching with the amazing views that come along with it!

Be sure to bring your camera with you to you can remember these memories. If there is a special request that's not shown in our services, give us a call and inquire about it! Please be sure to reach out to us in advance when booking your trip! Click on the services below to read more!


What do I need to bring with me?

Here are supplies we recommend you bring on your trip out in the water:  camera, sunscreen, beverages, food, binoculars, a friend and a smile.